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Unijos Launches Operation Beauty from ashes Click here for pictures of fire

Friday, 6 January 2017


On the 31st of December, 2016 the University of Jos Library witnessed another milestone in the process of recovery after the fire incident of October 8, 2016. 
The Library Management received Mr. Cliff Missen from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA, who is also a friend of the Library.

Mr. Cliff Missen, during the visit said that he came to commiserate
with the entire University and the Library in particular over the fire incident and to also share his thoughts on rebuilding the Library. He said he was thinking of possible ways that the University Library will collaborate with North Carolina University to rebuild and sustain the Library by way of sourcing for needed materials. He said that he was going to undertake a donation campaign to sustain “Operation Beauty from Ashes”.
Thereafter, he made a donation of a 16 Terabyte egranary digital Library (server-in-a-box) which houses millions of downloadable, open access articles and books in different fields. He also donated four (4) Lenovo Thinkpads. He further said that a project to connect students in the hostels to egranary would be undertaken. Collaboration between Information and Library Science students in the University of North Carolina and the University of Jos to process donated materials is also to be explored.  

The University Librarian, in his remark, and on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, thanked Mr. Missen for his initiative and expressed the hope that this will hasten the process of recovery of the Library.

Donations have been coming in and the Library has provided space in the Bauchi Road Campus Library for those collections that were donated.

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