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Sunday, 8 October 2017


Today, October 8, 2017 marks one year after an evening fire engulfed the Main Library Building at the Naraguta Campus of the University of Jos.  We lost over 100,000 volumes of books and 1,987 current titles of journals and 47,386 volumes of journals in the disciplines of Arts, Education, Environmental Sciences, and Social Sciences, apart from computers and other office equipment.

The Vice Chancellor, University of Jos, Professor Seddi Sebastian Maimako, on behalf of the Governing Council, Senate, staff and students uses this occasion to thank the numerous people and organisations who have identified with us at our critical hour of need by sending emails, making telephone calls, sending text messages and visiting. Many of you, in Nigeria and abroad, have mobilized support for us by donating cash, books, journals, and computers since then. We are most appreciative.

The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Tertiary Education Trust Fund is well appreciated for visiting and providing funds for the restoration of the burnt building.

Banyan Air Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America is appreciated for releasing its facility free of charge, to serve as a Collection Point for donors from USA. Several universities in the United States of America have made material donations. Emeritus Professor Lalage Bown has been passionate in mobilizing support in the United Kingdom.

Several individuals and organisations in Nigeria have made donations to re-stock the library. We thank you all. To our staff and students in the University of Jos and diaspora who have made tremendous efforts in mobilizing for the re-stocking of the library, we are most grateful.

The mobilization continues and hopefully, very soon the library will be renovated and re-stocked for full services to resume.

Thank you for identifying with us and for the contributions you are making to restore the library.

Stephen A. Akintunde, PhD
University Librarian
Prof. Seddi Sebastian Maimako
Vice Chancellor.

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